• "Dr. Bridget Lybarger is an outstanding and professional chiropractor. She is compassionate and extremely knowledgeable on nutrition, exercise, and medicine to heal the human body. I also like the fact that she takes the time to listen to her patients , and goes out of her way to address any issues that you may have regarding your health. Dr. Bridget Lybarger is also friendly and down to earth. I would recommend her to anyone who is living in the metro east area of St. Louis. 5 out of 5."
    Micheal A
  • "I have been going to Dr. Lybarger for a very, very long time and she has changed my life and body substantially. I love that she is all about alternative treatments instead of encouraging prescription medications. Se is so easy to talk to and her treatments have me feeling better than ever! I absolutely recommend Dr. Lybarger She is the best there is"
    Amy R.
  • "Previous to Dr. Lybarger, I had headaches that kept me from sleeping and that caused pain at work. I went to my medical doctor and he had me undergo and MRI and a CAT SCAN. They tried to prescribe me prescription medication that I did not want to take, so I called Dr. Lybarger . One adjustment from her cured my headaches and I have been going back ever since."
    John L.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Lybargers for 6 years. I started with hip and knee pain which she was able to cure. She can easily explain how the body works and how to cure the pains that you are experiencing. Over the years she has helped me with several aspects of my life including diet, exercise, stretching and homeopathic cures to everyday ailments. She is very knowledgeable from clean eating to essential oils. Not only is she great mother to her own children, but she is experienced in pediatric chiropractic services as well. You will absolutely love not be disappointed at Absolute Chiropractic!!!"
    Genevieve L.
  • "I started going to see Dr. Lybarger in the beginning of 2015 for lower back pain and neck x-rays. What she discovered was that my spine was not curved the way it was supposed to and my neck was completely out of alignment.Bending and stretching was hard, but after treatment for a year, I am feeling much better. I am still on the road to recovery but I feel so much better already. Stretching and bending is much easier now and I would recommend that anyone with any pain or ache to go see her. She has changed my life for the better!"
    Tabitha G.
  • "Dr. Bridget Lybarger has provided me with chiropractic services for more than eight years. She has always been extremely professional; she demonstrates the ability to not only treat my physical problems but in advising me about my nutritional needs as well. Over the years, Dr. Lybarger has successfully treated me for neck and back pain. She has provided me with preventive health advice and instruction. I prefer her drug-free and regular exercise approach to maintaining physical health and a strong mind. Monthly adjustments, along with recommendations for vitamins, nutrients, food, and exercise have helped me in maintaining a healthy blood pressure, prevent stress, and experiencing excellent physical mobility."
    Annette C.
  • "Bridget Lybarger, DC is a talented and skilled chiropractor and acupuncturist. She becomes familiar with her patients who trust her with their care, learning about their lifestyle to provide them with relief. Dr. Bridget takes a deep interest in their families while customizing their treatment for optimal relief. The patient is able to determine, in conjunction with their insurance plan, how many visits they wish to have, not the provider. I enjoy maintenance visits, which Dr. Bridget has worked very hard to make possible by navigating through the repetitive process of insurance of insurance pre-authorization and pre-determination appeals. The office is warm, sophisticated environment with on-site massage service available. This is the practice for anyone looking for a holistic approach to chiropractic case."
    Anne K.

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